tyra (tyratae) wrote in compositionism,

anybody still out there?


i know it's been a year and a half since i've put anything here, and even that was a bit of a stretch for me--it's to hard to talk about teaching, & theorize the field in ways that relate to teaching, when i'm not teaching (and i really don't personally give a rat's about theorizing about it in ways that don't... although any posters/lurkers here are certainly welcome to care in that direction more than i do!). BUT!!!

this year, i shall be teaching. 5 classes, in fact, all English 101/201 variants, and i'm really, really psyched. it's been years, and far longer than any gap of any kind i'd had since i was first let in a classroom back when i was an undergrad training to teach in middle schools, so it feels as though a weird epoch has come and (i don't actually believe it yet) will soon be gone.

actually, technically, i did teach last year, a 6 hour workshop that met on 2 saturdays and a "section" of 201 that was 2 students and i meeting over coffee once a week at Barnes and Noble, but it wasn't the same. it wasn't the crazy trenches 20+ bodies in the room all w/their own agenda stuff we do this for! so it doesn't count.

point of the matter is: as part of being excited about teaching again, i'm excited about getting to talk about teaching again, and i hope some of you lurkers are interested in striking up a conversation. for the couple posts that have trickled in since i've been paying any real attention, i'm sorry; dissertation-writing in the void is lonely and hellish and can suck the "care" out of you. but i'd like to come back, if you'll have me.

who's out there? what are you teaching? what do you love most about it?
talk to me.
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