west_wind (west_wind) wrote in compositionism,

a minor petty grievance I need to get off my chest

Ever get the feeling someone is f*ng with you? I have a student who I think is maybe lying, maybe not, to try to get out of something and might possibly be hurting, or attempting to hurt, some of said student's classmates in the process. But I can't know for sure. To be honest, I really don't give a f*ck, but I would like to be as fair as possible in this situation to all involved. If this person really didn't do what she was supposed to do, I don't want the other students to be affected by it. I'm also pretty frustrated that the conditions were even possible for this situation to occur, and a large part of that is my fault. I'm always learning how I'll do things differently, and hopefully better, next semester, so I guess this is one of those instances. It's funny how something new happens each semester that I could never have predicted. If this is my only unforeseeable event, then I'm okay with that. Currently I'm feeling that tightness I get in my chest when I'm pissed off and don't feel like I have any control over the situation, but I know this will pass and I will get over it. The only thing I can control is my reaction to the situation, so that is what I should focus on.

Aaaaahhhh...deep breath....

Okay, feeling better now.

I feel bad that this is my only post to this composition forum and it has to be about such a minor thing. I would really like to be posting deep, valuable thoughts and ideas here, but, alas, my head hasn't been in composition as much as I would like it to have been. Actually, it's sort of been up theory's ass lately. An odd place to find myself in, to be sure. But there is some composition in there as well, and I feel confident that I will find myself back at that place eventually.

M'kay. Enough late-night rambling.
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