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school culture and marketing (oh, and an introduction)


I'm new here, and hoping that this community is still alive and twitching a bit. I'm a teacher. I have taught for ten years in various settings (laboratory demonstrator, ESOL teacher, museum educator) and am now finally getting my diploma to teach secondary.

One of the tasks I have to complete for my diploma is to "demonstrate an understanding of school culture and marketing".

Now, I find this whole topic quite quixotic. School culture, yes, the combined result of how a school is based on interactions between students, teachers, school managers, government departments, parents and the wider school community, with some interactions contributing more weight as a result of power imbalances in the interactions, I get that. But marketing? In combination with school culture?

I mean, I get the idea that marketing is done to sell a set of ideas or values (culture), but why does a school need to do this?

It might be different in other countires, but in NZ, you go to the closest school and that's pretty much it unless your family is really wealthy (you go to an old, private school), fiercely religious (various denominations available), determinedly alternative (Steiner and homeschooling), or really remotely located (single-sex boarding schools or correspondence). So why do we have to market our schools?

Can anyone here give me or point me in the direction of where this idea came from and what drives it?
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